Carbon Footprint and GHG Emission Offsetting

Pure future

Klepierre, taking a responsible stance on climate change, chose to make its assets – 3 shopping centers in Portugal (Parque Nascente, Espaço Guimarães, and Acqua Portimão) and its head offices – Carbon-Neutral, with regard to direct and indirect emissions, in terms of the production of the electricity consumed. ECOPROGRESSO has developed work consisting of the following main steps:


  • Definition of operational and organizational boundaries, with a visit to all commercial spaces;
  • Preparation of a checklist of elements to determine the Carbon Footprint, covering Scope 1 emissions (natural gas consumption by boilers, diesel consumption by the vehicle fleet and fluorinated gas leaks), Scope 2 (production of purchased electricity), and Scope 3 (wastewater treatment, waste treatment, paper life cycles, water supply, and corporate travels)
  • Calculation of the corporate carbon footprint of each of the 3 shopping centers and offices for the year 2019 and preparation of the respective report;
  • Support for carbon offsetting for estimated emissions, through the acquisition of carbon credits from a national project dedicated to carbon sequestration through biodiverse grasslands.
  • Issuance of Carbonfree certificates and providing of the Carbonfree logo for corporate communications.
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