Clean Development Mechanism Project - CDM

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The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is a key mechanism for the transfer of technology and to support a country’s development towards a low carbon sustainable future, in particular in under developing countries, and peripheral regions such as Cape Verde and São Tomé e Príncipe. Taking this into account, it is highly important to develop competencies and capabilities to promote opportunities and make use of the financial flows accruing out of this Kyoto market mechanism


Ecoprogresso has been commissioned to design and implement the DNA of Cape Verde and Sao tome and Principe. These organs allow Developing Countries to host projects that have a major goal to reduce emissions.


Ecoprogresso will work closely with both Ministries of Environment and Economy (including Energy) and the Parliamentary Committee responsible for the creation of the DNA. This will involve assisting in setting up the legal framework; and through knowledge sharing and other means, assist in developing guidelines that will improve both countries institutional preparedness for hosting CDM projects, such as Energy Efficiency, Use of Renewable Sources of Energy, Fuel Switching, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Industrial Processes.


Ecoprogresso will also help to ensure that Cape Verde’s and Sao Tome and Principe’s DNAs can efficiently approve CDM projects in line with the country’s sustainable development priorities and to build the capacity of local experts in key sectors in the identification, design, and implementation of CDM projects

Ecoprogresso provided advice based on its extensive expertise on how to build the capacity of relevant institutions in appraising, funding, and promoting CDM and carbon offsetting investments as well as to promote Cape Verde and Sao tome and Principe as a CDM investment destination.

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