GHG Emissions Offsetting

Pure future

Offsetting the emissions resulting from the Oceanarium's publications: 'Oceano - Educar Para Uma Geração Azul' (2019) and '20 Anos do Oceanário de Lisboa' (2018), through the acquisition of carbon credits from the RMDLT Portel-Pará project, which is being developed within the Amazon rainforest, in Brazil, and which focuses on the protection of the forest, avoiding deforestation and promoting sustainable forest management, covering a total area of 177,899 ha.

Protecting the rainforest promotes the sequestering of carbon by the trees during their growth, and this project is estimated to achieve an annual reduction in emissions of 553 273 tCO2e. On the other hand, this project facilitates the preservation of plant and wildlife biodiversity, which also generates significant social benefits.

The project is registered under code VCS -977.

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