Carbon Offsetting Strategy

Pure future

The NAVIGATOR paper company operates a number of industrial units that are currently responsible for the emission of about 774 kt of CO2, directly associated with the production of UWF and tissue paper. In view of the national targets, namely the Carbon Neutrality Roadmap 2050, and with the aim of significantly reducing their emissions, the company has outlined a set of actions and measures that will reduce their emissions in industrial units by more than 90%.


Thus, in 2035, emissions from the various units could reach a total emission of 79 kt of CO2. Ecoprogresso supported Navigator in the preparation of a carbon offset strategy for emissions associated with the industrial process, which, despite the measures that will be implemented, cannot be eliminated. The strategy involves the use of carbon sequestered in wood-based paper products from forests managed by NAVIGATOR, whose carbon stock has not undergone considerable variations since 2012, and is managed in a sustainable way to ensure the future stabilization of this stock.

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