Climate Change Adaptation Plan

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ECOPROGRESSO supported the leading company PROCESL in the development of the Inter municipality Plan of Adaptation to Climate Change of Lezíria do Tejo, covering all the 11 municipalities (Almeirim, Alpiarça, Azambuja, Benavente, Cartaxo, Chamusca, Coruche, Golegã, Rio Maior, Salvaterra de Magos and Santarém), within its 4 implementation plan phases:


Phase 1: Identification of current vulnerabilities:

(i) the elaboration of a local climate impacts profile (PIC-L) to each municipality
(ii) the climatic scenarios development for 3 periods (1971-2000; 2041-2071 and 2071-2100), considering 2 RCP (Representative Concentration Pathways) scenarios: RCP 4.5 (stabilization) and RCP 8.5 (worst scenario), and;
(iii) a vulnerability analysis covering the sectors of Agriculture, Biodiversity, Spatial Planning, Cities and Urban Vulnerabilities, Water Resources, Natural and Technological Risks, Economics, Energy, Forestry, Health, Safety of People and Goods, Transport and Communications, Riverside Areas


Phase 2: Identification of future vulnerabilities:

(i) the potential future climatic impact, through the joint analysis of the current vulnerabilities systematized in PIC-L and the climatic scenarios for the future;
(ii) the opportunities due to climate change projected for the area of Lezíria do Tejo, by sector, and
(iii) the level of risk associated to each potential impact.


Phase 3: Identification and evaluation of adaptation and mitigation options:

Considering a benchmarking approach, is listed a set of adaptation and mitigation options adapted to the context of Lezíria do Tejo, taking into account the priorities emerged from the risk analysis made in phase 2.


Phase 4: Action Plan, Monitoring Plan and Communication Plan

(i) capacity building sessions;
(ii) the integration of the adaptation options in the territorial management tools,
(iii) the elaboration of the Action Plan (operationalization of the adaptation options previously listed, including a detailed schedule, cost, responsibilities) and
(iv) the elaboration of the Monitoring Plan (a system of promotion, attendance and assessment of PIAAC-LT)


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