Knowledge Management About Climate Change - Energy Sector

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The Energy Sector has a meaningful contribution to the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of a country, thereby has a relevant role in terms of the national strategy for Climate Change. In this context, the Mozambican Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MIREME) released a contest for the study "Knowledge management about Climate Change and Integration of environmental priorities in the energy sector", which was gained by the consortium QUADRANTE/EREL.

The work had as the main purpose to provide MIREME with a GHG emission flowchart about production and energy consumption, in order to measure and evaluate the historical emission levels of Mozambique. The project, developed by 9 months, was divided into five phases:


  • Phase 1: Project planning, with special focus on the analysis of the available data, but also including the schedule update and other activities such as the base elements definitions and the elaboration of a checklist for data collection;
  • Phase 2: Data collection for the emission inventory elaboration, that corresponds to national energy consumption, discretized, whenever possible, by region;
  • Phase 3: GHG emissions inventory for the energy sector of Mozambique and elaboration of an emissions flowchart which allow having a global view of emission distribution by the several activity sectors and associated sources;
  • Phase 4: Design and development of a tool for emission calculation and consumption scenarios projection and respective emissions calculation;
  • Phase 5: Training of MIREME technicians, aimed to provide capacity for the data collection, the tool application, and the emission levels monitoring;
  • Phase 6: Final report Elaboration.


The work performed by QUADRANTE provided the knowledge and tools for MIREME to continue the process of emissions inventory elaboration and the update of the consumption projection scenarios and associated emissions.

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